What do I need to do in order to become an Energy or Water student?

Step 1: Apply for Admission / Re-Admission to Lane Community College

This requires that you have an email address.
If you don’t have one, Create a free personal email account first.

Step 2: Apply to the Energy Program of Your Choice

The application only takes about 10-15 minutes and gives us a better idea of the academic direction you’re headed.

All energy & water students are required to apply to the energy program in addition to applying to the college.

Step 3: Review Lane Community College’s New Student Resource webpage

Step 4: Apply for Financial Aid

Step 5: Complete the Math Prerequisite or
Schedule your Placement Testing

Energy Program are required to pass Math 95 within the first year.

Step 6: Setup a Meeting with the Energy Program

Send an email to Roger or stop by the offices – (4th floor in the Downtown Campus ) and request a meeting.

Lane has implemented a stringent email filtration system. If you don’t receive some kind of response within a week or two, follow up via phone to verify that the email was received.

Step 7: Attend New Student Academic Advising Session, either in person or online.

There are 2 days in June (17 & 18) for in person New Student Academic Advising or ONLINE Jun 3 to 11th for fall term.

Step 8: Register for Classes

Step 9: (optional) Visit a Student Advisor

An advisor can help create a customized education plan outlining exactly what you need to do in order to stay on track and graduate.